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Reader Reviews - The Modular Home - The Essential Guide to Building Your Own Modular Home


Here are a few of the many positive comments made by readers of The Modular Home by Andrew Gianino.

Garbato (a consumer from Kansas) writing on
The Go-To Guide for Modular Home Consumers
Whether you're merely considering building a new home, or you've already made up your mind to purchase a modular/prefabricated house, THE MODULAR HOME by Andrew Gianino is a must-read! Gianino, founder of The Home Store (now going into its 20th year of business), has written the Bible of modular home construction. In THE MODULAR HOME, Gianino covers all facets of buying and building a new modular home, from choosing and tweaking the building's designs, to arranging financing and obtaining all the required permits, working with the dealer, manufacturer, and general contractor, and even dealing with warranty issues long after the house has been delivered and "buttoned up."

Modular home construction holds a number of advantages over traditional, stick-built homes, and author Gianino begins by helping you decide if building a modular home makes sense for you. Although he's quick to point out the assets of modular construction, THE MODULAR HOME isn't just a sales pitch for the modular home industry; Gianino also explains when it makes little sense to go the modular route. He also goes to great pains to list the special concerns that arise when building a modular home. As a result, THE MODULAR HOME is a fair and balanced look at the pros and cons of modular construction. ANYONE thinking about building a new home (or even remodeling an existing house) should read THE MODULAR HOME in order to get a firm grasp of ALL the available options.

Once you've made a firm commitment to go modular, buy a copy of THE MODULAR HOME immediately! Gianino has packed the book with all sorts of helpful information to guide you through the process. The book is divided into eleven chapters: Why Build Modular?; Selecting a Dealer; Designing a Home; Specification and Features; Selecting a General Contractor; Finding a Preparing a Building Lot; The General Contractor's Responsibilities; Building a Modular Addition; Financing a Modular Home; Warranty Service; and Building on Schedule. Additionally, he's also included a 15-page, full-color Modular Home Gallery, which illustrates the many styles of homes that can be built inside a factory.

As you can see, Gianino truly does cover all the bases - and in great detail, to boot! Each chapter is jam-packed with useful information, helpful hints, in-depth explanations, illustrative sketches, useful checklists, and even individual case studies (usually of other peoples' mistakes) that everyone can learn from. Unlike the watered-down Dummies' Guides, THE MODULAR HOME does not dumb the material down, or repeat the same information ad nauseam. Gianino is an excellent and engaging writer, and he manages to make complicated information comprehensible to the layperson - without sounding as though he's talking to a 7th-grader. He also reminds his audience of previously addressed material without beating you over the head with the same redundant advice (thus wasting both your time and money).

Currently a renter, I'm planning on buying or building a house in the next few years. Thus, I've read a countless number of books on manufactured, modular/prefab, and stick-built construction. THE MODULAR HOME is by far the best of the bunch, hands down. Five stars, all around!

Lisa & Jack (a consumer from Mont Clare, Pennsylvania who was planning to build a modular home)
“I just wanted to thank Andrew Gianino for writing The Modular Home. I just purchased this book and it is everything that I was looking for and more! A short time ago we purchased another book and was very disappointed with it. It did not have one-fourth the amount of information that this book gives (and it was twice the price of The Modular Home!). I know that we will be referring to this book constantly while preparing to purchase our modular home. I only hope that we will be able to find a company that is just as helpful as this book is. Thank You So Very Much!!!!”

Hunter (a consumer from PA) writing on
Satisfied Modular Home Owner
“We are in the process of finishing my new modular home and I used this book throughout the whole process. This book taught me so much about, not only modular homes, but the whole process for building one. After reading this book, I felt like I knew more about modular homes then most modular homes sales people. This book allowed us to make more informed decisions about our new home that helped us save money, time and aggravation. THE MODULAR HOME is a must read for anyone interested in a new modular home. Whether you are knowledgeable in construction or not, this book can help you make the best choices in building your new modular home.”

Steve Snyder, Executive Director, Modular Building Systems Association (represents the entire modular industry)
“The Modular Home is really impressive! It is the best thing I’ve seen on the subject. It covers every topic a customer or builder needs to know.”

R. Smith (a modular dealer from North Carolina) writing on
Excellent treatment of off-site ("modular") construction
“This is by far the most thorough and helpful book I've seen on the topic of modular building. My company sells, sets, and finishes mods, and this is the book I will be recommending to my customers, especially those who want to finish their own homes to save money. The author is obviously very, very familiar with all the aspects of modular building, and he systematically addresses each of them - no small feat, which is why the book has over 300 pages! Highly recommended to anyone considering purchasing a modular home.”

Mary Smith (a consumer from Vista, CA) writing on
A must have for anyone contemplating building
“This book is extremely comprehensive. Anyone contemplating building a home whether stick built or modular would benefit from this book. The author goes through every possible aspect of building from finding a lot to utilities to erecting the home and choosing options etc. EVERYTHING is in this book. Well worth the price!”

Ed Langley, President/CEO, AvisAmerica & Excel Homes (two Pennsylvania modular home manufacturers)
“Andy Gianino has written the definitive book on how to buy your customized modular home.  Distilling years of experience in designing, selling and finishing more than one thousand modular homes, Andy’s book provides you with a clear blueprint for you to follow.  If you do so, you will avoid costly problems and vexing frustrations and achieve the objective of all new home buyers – the home of your dreams.”

Dave Wrocklage, Sales Manager, Epoch Homes (a New Hampshire modular manufacturer)
A complete source of information for anyone contemplating building a modular home
“Andy Gianino's book, The Modular Home is by far the most complete source of information for anyone contemplating building a modular home. We are informed in the introduction of Mr. Gianino's initial training as an educator, and these talents are clear as he carefully details the advantages and pitfalls of the modular building system. It is evident that his 20+ years of experience in selling and building hundreds of modular homes has qualified him as a true expert on almost all aspects of modular construction. Mr. Gianino' wonderfully lucid and in-depth insights do not sugarcoat the building process. The reader is taken through the process in a deliberate and thoughtfully executed step-by-step manner, with no aspect of this complicated procedure ignored. This is a valuable educational tool for potential modular home customers, as well as builders considering switching to the systems built industry.”

Roger Lyons, President, Penn Lyon Homes (a Pennsylvania modular manufacturer)
“I have read The Modular Home cover to cover and all of my managers have read or are reading the book.  The contents are very complete.  We are really impressed.  The book is truly the Bible for the industry.”

Ervin L Bontrager, Vice-President of Sales, Commodore Corporation (a modular manufacturer with 6 factories serving the Northeast and Midwest) writing on
Excellent and thorough, impartially addresses all aspects of the Modular home building process
“As an executive with more than 38 years of home building experience, including 19 years building Modular homes, I find the Modular Home book to be the most thorough, helpful and informative book written on Modular homes. It provides detailed information to both the general population and to others skilled in building trades. I highly recommend this book to anyone considering a home purchase and to Builders who might consider a popular alternative to site built housing.”

Jerry Rouleau, the modular industry's consultant to manufacturers and dealers and the author of The Complete Guide to Selling New Homes
“What a great book . . . A great place for any consumer to start their process . . . Information hard to find in one place . . . Every system built housing customer should start off with this book . . . Also an ideal resource for appraisers, realtors, lenders and building inspectors.”
Jerry Rouleau Training Public Relations and Marketing for the Building Industry

Joe Muldowney, General Manager, Manorwood Homes (a Pennsylvania modular manufacturer) writing on
A great book, informative at many levels
“I have been in the manufacturing side of the modular industry for 24 years. I found this book to be a wealth of information, appealing to a wide range of readers from the homebuyer with little knowledge of the modular process to the seasoned modular veteran. At my company I have made this book mandatory reading for all new hires in the sales department.”

Row Now (a consumer from Thetford, VT) writing on
Good for builder or buyer
“This book has high quality information for everyone, builder, buyer or simply curious. Well written and informative. Study this book before, during and after you start to shop for a home. The author sells modular homes, but he takes the view that a knowledgeable customer will make good decisions and become a happy customer.”




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